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Carina Annis

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Let’s face it.  Your dog’s behaviours can be really frustrating and even worrisome.  Pulling, chasing, barking and stealing food from counters are not what you envisioned when your dog joined your family.

Let Carina help and guide you with her programs so that your dog becomes the pet you’ve always wanted.

Happy, calm and well-behaved.

Polite greetings

Meal time etiquette

Quiet door manners

Enjoyable leash walks

attentive during hikes

calmer behaviour around triggers

relaxed while you work from home

Dog Manners Series

For ‘new to you’ and adolescent dogs that are looking for a complete high value program that is fast and fun!  You’ll be proud of your dog’s behavior around friends and family. 

Big Behaviours Series

Perfect for dogs who growl, bark, lunge or are fearful around triggers. Confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood with pep in your step knowing you have the skills to handle any situation. 

What Is guided home training?

Carina’s dog training series are catered to you and your dog in the comfort of your home. Lessons will be sent through Google Classroom with handouts and videos.  Questions are encouraged and welcomed. Carina will review and give feedback to all your training videos. She will cover current unwanted behaviours and discuss training goals.    Your dog will learn practical skills that will make living with your dog easier and more enjoyable.

Who Is Guided home Training For?

Guided home training series benefit those who prefer a quiet, calm environment in which to learn.  Perfect for people who wish to  improve their dog’s behaviour in a meaningful way.  These series are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Start when you want and progress as quickly as life allows.  Guided home training series is available to all Canadians. Carina is located in the Greater Toronto Area.

About Carina

Carina has had vast experience with pet dogs and their parents as head trainer at Who’s Walking Who Training Centre in downtown Toronto.  She is well respected by local veterinarians and rescue/shelter groups.  She is passionate about using positive methods for effective behavioural change.  Carina has been involved in a variety of performance sports such as Superdogs, Woofjocks, Obedience, Rally, Flyball, Agility, Discdog and Musical Freestyle.  She avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development through seminars and industry literature. Carina lives with her husband, 2 children and their dog…Gigs.

Carina is a brilliant dog trainer. One of the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is inspiring, resourceful and super fun to work with. Not only does she do amazing things with her own dogs she is one of those rare trainers who can also teach others what she knows in a way that they can understand and put into practice. She is an outside the box thinker who inspires and supports her students. Whether you are looking for basic training or have specific training challenges Carina can help you and your dog.

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