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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Create an easy, fun-filled partnership between you and your dog that will add to your overall wellbeing. 

A friendship to experience the world together with joy and optimism.

Vision Statement

Every dog owner will have a happy, cohesive relationship with their dog.

Our Values


We believe in our client relationships. It is a priority to be trusted through our successful products and services.


We strive to encompass forward-thinking and being ahead of the learning curve. Teach smarter, not harder, so that we can enjoy more of what life offers.


We seek to add laughter, playfulness, enthusiasm, and adventure into people’s lives. Joy is an essential element in our vision and mission statements.

Thank you for helping us get the best out of our little Daisy and showing us a well trained and well exercised dog is a happy and content dog. Thanks to your lessons we have gone from “did we make a mistake adding a puppy to our busy lives” to “can you imagine our lives without her”. You really have had a positive impact on our lives and shown us how to enjoy our dog to the maximum. The advice and guidance has been truly appreciated
Steve Harding

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