big behaviours

Smart, Effective Solutions

For Dogs that Bark, Growl, Lunge or are Fearful

Ready to scrap the power struggle and create a dream partnership with your dog? 

What if training was fun AND fast? 

What if you were proud of your dog’s behaviour?

What if your dog was a source of stress-relief instead of struggle?

With this program, you'll:


Confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood with pep in your step. 


Go out hiking with your pup with the skills and tools to handle any situation. 


Have a dog that is predictable and easy to handle. 


Diminish frustration, concern, and anxiety created by your dog’s behaviour.


See a dog with less intense outburts and less reactive overall. 


Be guided through the training experience with an educated and empathetic professional that holds your success and long-term results as a top priority. 

what is included?

1) One on One Private In person Consults

EIGHT one on one private consultations in your home or neighbourhood (or through live video) and will be personalized to you and your dog. Please review my COVID-19 Policy HERE.



One initial virtual consult to lay the groundwork so you can immediately stop the unwanted behaviours.


3) Over 30 Teaching Activities

Through my games, your dog will learn to feel differently about their triggers by using Counterconditioning and Desensitization strategies.

4) Target Behaviours

New replacement behaviours will be taught such as Eye Contact, Hand Targeting, Play Skills, Tricks and Stationing.

5) Lifetime Access to PDF Files

Step-by-step plans that will make the games super easy to follow.


6) Video Demonstrations

Online resource portal containing self-serve how-to videos to help bring the games to life.

7) Video Review and Feedback

Receive detailed video review and feedback of your dog in action.


8) Carina's Ongoing Support

You will have 12 weeks of my ongoing support to answer any questions and cheer you on.



Management strategies

Essential escape methods when triggers happen to get too close to your dog; these plans will help you feel more comfortable and confident because you will know what to do! 


exercise resources

Curated list of fun exercise activities and park opportunities to explore with your dog to help tire them out physically – when your dog’s needs are met, you may find a happier dog to live with! 


enrichment material checklist

Essential checklist for a variety of food dispensing activities that will satiate your dog in a safe manner and may also save your furniture and shoes!


desensitization process

Learn how to analyse your dog’s environment through my ‘Four Ds’ to keep them on the best track to success. 


Asks and Tells Evaluation

Learn how to evaluate your dog’s ability to cope through a series of simple questions and what to do to help them.

My Approach

“I help young professionals and families with dogs that are out of control and reactive achieve a beautiful and peaceful partnership by: 

  1. Immediately identifying and eliminating outburst scenarios.
  2. Customizing proven training techniques for your situation. 
  3. Incorporating behaviour training into your every day lifestyle for quick and effective results…

So that you can enjoy life together again and feel proud of your dog’s behaviour.

Your success is my success.” 

Click HERE for Carina’s resume.

big feelings program

Troubled to tranquil in twelve weeks!

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   Prerequisites HERE

   Required Equipment HERE

→   COVID-19 Policy HERE

→  Open to Greater Toronto Area residence only

→ EIGHT private 1 on 1 Consult to Target Behaviours

→  Weekly Video Tutorials

→  PDF Lesson Plans

→  Private Video Review & Feedback

→  Ability to Post Questions

→ ONE video consult to get started immediately

→ Weekly Check-Ins


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