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Frequently Asked

Will you come to our home?

Yes! Carina will come to your home on the date and time you chose during registration.  Outdoor programs will be in the backyard, park or neighbourhood streets.

When are you available? What is your schedule?

Click HERE for our general hours of operation.  They differ depending on location and season.  Once you purchase your program, you must book all your lessons (one per week). We recommend doing this to ensure you get your date/time preferance as they are booked on a first come basis.

What are the prerequisites? What equipment do I need?

Please click the links for REQUIRED EQUIPMENT and PREREQUISTES on the program descriptions.

May I mix and match the indoor and outdoor programs?

No. The programs are designed to be layered in terms of difficulty and the content is fixed. 

I have other concerns not listed in the programs. Will you still help me?

I often can.  Please contact the office so we can discuss your needs and concerns further!

Puppy Training Program

Start your journey right before it’s too late

Indoor Manners Programs

Your well mannered dog will be a delight in the home

Outdoor Manners Programs

Carefree outdoor adventures with your trained dog

Performance programs

Pride worthy behaviours with advanced training

Over the last 15+ years, Carina has helped me with so many different training challenges.
Taking classes with her is such a delight – I have so much fun learning that things that were once challenges just become opportunities to have more fun!  Carina’s keen eye and ability to dissect behaviour issues has helped me be a better dog parent.  One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from her, is that dog training is not “one size, fits all”.
Thank you!
Mary Young

Camp Doggin' it

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