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Ready to scrap the power struggle and create a dream partnership with your dog? 

What if the training was fun AND easy?

What if you were proud of your dog’s behaviour?

What if your dog was a source of stress-relief instead of struggle?

Carina’s program is amazing! When I had my child the best investment I’ve made was postpartum doula. I feel exactly the same about getting this training for my puppy! The program is very thorough and information (including videos) is available to you at all time! Carina is kind and supportive and truly takes time to understand your needs. And then she is available over the phone at any time! We are very grateful for the support and knowledge!

Anna Katsaros

Carine, I just want to thank you so much for your help in training myself and our girl Sadie. I love the positive reinforcement, it also brings Sadie and the family closer. She loves when we do our training scheduling everyday which gives her structure in our lives which makes a happy puppy. When you came today she was so happy to see you, she knew it was learning time. We have just had Sadie for two months since she was adopted from another country and was in poor condition. You help bring out her personality and gave her and our family the confidence to work together. I look forward to using our skills we learn from you throughout her life. again thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our beautiful girl Sadie and our family.!

Leslie Flemming

We worked with Carina in the summer and into the Fall of 2021. We were having difficulty with our COVID puppy’s separation anxiety and some other behavioural issues. Carina came up with a detailed plan for how to address the issues incrementally, to allow him to adjust gradually. We’ve seen great progress with him but also in our knowledge and confidence in how to support him and meet his needs. Her approach was always on building on our relationship with our dog and how, even when he is showing behaviour we don’t like, we can use positive reinforcement while fostering that bond.

We did some group classes previously and looked at the available online resources but they’re really no substitute for one-on-one time with a professional who really gets to know you and your dog.

We were nervous that a trainer may judge us or our puppy but our experience with Carina was just the opposite. She really listened to us and what we wanted for our home and our dog and met us where we were. We never felt judged or that she was pushing us into something that didn’t work for us. She took time to understand our lifestyle and did not try to push us into anything that we could not realistically do.

As first-time dog owners, it is easy to think that every concern is a major problem or will be forever. Carina was great at putting things into perspective for us and explaining what is normal behaviour and why. She was available by text, which was very helpful as things came up between sessions and we needed guidance.

She’s relatable, friendly and kind and our dog loved her instantly! So much of dog training is about training the owners and it was important to us to find someone we felt comfortable with.

If you are looking for a trainer or considering whether the investment is worth it, I highly recommend calling Carina, it was certainly worth it for us. We have a calmer, more confident puppy that we understand much better!

Patricia Gordon

With this program, you'll:


Build a life-long, close bond quickly and easily.


Be proud of your dog’s behaviour around friends and family.


Relax, knowing your dog will listen and won’t embarrass you.


Enjoy the 5-minute fun games to turn your dog into a rock star.


Know that your dog is fully prepared to be a Canine Good Citizen.


Have a complete high-value program that you and your dog will love!

what is included?

1) One on One Private In person Consults

One-on-one private consultations in your home or neighbourhood will be personalized to you and your dog. 


4) Over 85 Dog Training Games

These 5-minute games are precisely what I teach my dogs to be world-class citizens in the home and beyond.

5) 15 Target Behaviours

The program includes these monthly topics: Calmness, Confidence, Play, Focus, Come, Stationing, Sit, Walking, Down, Retrieve, Stand, Wait, Spin, Bow, and Weave Walking.

6) Downloadable PDF Files

Step by step plans (with pictures!) that will make the games super easy to follow.


7) Video Demonstrations

Online resource portal containing self-serve how-to videos to help bring the games to life.

8) Group Support

Group Q & A sessions to connect with other teams in the program.

9) Certification

Fully capable and confident to pass a Canine Good Citizen Test.

9) Carina's Ongoing Support

You’ll have my ongoing support to answer any questions and cheer you on.



exercise resources

Curated list of fun exercise activities and park opportunities to explore with your dog to help tire them out physically – when your dog’s needs are met, you may find a happier dog to live with!


enrichment material checklist

Essential checklist for a variety of food dispensing activities that will satiate your dog in a safe manner and may also save your furniture and shoes!


Socialization Process

Learn how to evaluate your dog’s environment through my ‘Four Ds’ to keep them on the best track to success.


Guide to Greetings

Learn how to teach your young dog to be polite when meeting others. It is best to begin this early to prevent them from being an over-greeter! 


Leash etiquette outline

Wow! If you want to help, your dog is beautiful on a leash. This outline is a must-have!


Tugging foundations

Learn how to tug and ‘drop’ with your dog to help facilitate learning, build motivation and have fun daily with your dog.


1:3 Off leash GUIDELINES

Secret method that will help your dog be amazing off leash so that your walks will be carefree.


asks and tells evaluation

A series of simple questions and what to do to help them to keep progressing with their skills in public.

Memberships Levels to suit your needs

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My Approach

“I help young professionals and families develop an engaged, cooperative relationship with their adolescent and ‘new to you dogs’ by: 

  1. Understanding your expectations for your new/adolescent dog,  
  2. Providing you with a comprehensive training plan for your goals, 
  3. And showing you how to become in-sync with your dog through proven, science-based methods

So that you can be proud of your new dog and show him/her off to all your friends and family.

Your success is my success!”

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