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Puppy program

House Training

Our House Training home consult covers house training, socialization, chew training and biting. Carina will address management strategies to stop unwanted accidents; perfect for those who have house training concerns. During the 1 hour consult, we will discuss appropriate socialization strategies and how to teach your puppy soft mouthing and appropriate chewing.  Your puppy will be on their way to a settled routine with successful house training habits.

puppy program

The 4 week Puppy Program is perfect for those that have a new baby puppy and are looking to start things on the right paw.  The first lesson is the House Training home consult.  Over the next three lessons, Carina will cover basic obedience cues, handling, resource guarding, anti-jumping and walking on a leash. The Puppy Program paves the way to problem prevention.  You will feel at ease knowing that you are on the right path with Carina’s vast experience and guidance.

My Approach

Imagine Dog’s Training’s approach to raising puppies is one of habitualization.  We want your puppy to successfully integrate with your family!  Creating a clear schedule that works for you and your puppy, seeking quality socialization events, and building optimism about handling procedures are all designed to prevent problems from occuring.  Carina looks at the individual puppy and family to design a customized Puppy Program that will turn your puppy into the dog that you’ve always imagined.

Gift Certificate

Give a unique gift to a family member, friend or boss.  A fantastic idea for those that have a new puppy! Private one on one training lessons is a gift that keeps on giving. A beautiful experience that has lasting results.

Please check the Puppy Pre-requistes below for the Puppy Program below before purchasing.

House training consult

1hr. in home consult


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More Details
  • Chew training
  • House training
  • Soft mouth training
  • Socialization success

Puppy program

Four 1hr. in home lessons

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More Details
  • Four 1hr. training lessons with Carina
  • Prevent resource guarding
  • House training consult
  • Socialization success
  • Come, Sit, Down
  • Bite inhibition
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Anti-Jumping
  • Chew training
  • Walking on a leash
  • Place and stationing
  • Groomer preparation
  • Veterinarian preparation
  • Ongoing support from Carina for the four weeks and one month beyond.

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