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Smart, Effective Solutions

For Puppy Training Under 4 Months

Ready to scrap the power struggle and create a dream partnership with your puppy? 

What if training was fun AND fast? 

What if you were proud of your puppy’s behaviour?

What if your pup was a source of stress-relief instead of struggle?

Carina is both professional, and approachable- she speaks dog I swear! She was an absolute joy to have as support as we adapted to being new puppy owners. We participated in the Smart Pup program and by the end I felt we had the right level of confidence and the right tool kit to handle most challenges our puppy throws at us. Carina is always on time, and ready to listen and teach no matter the situation! Cannot recommend her enough.

Jessica Freeman

Carina is a natural. We learned so much from her to help us enjoy & socialize our puppy Ember!
We highly recommend her:)

Radiant Way Teachers

Carina is amazing she has such a great energy about her. she has an abundance of patience with us as we absorb all of her tips and tricks. our pup Zoey absolutely loves her.

Alliana Harcott

With this program, you'll:


The whole family will be on the same page for their dog’s training. 


Immediate relief from puppy behaviours such as nipping, jumping, and chewing.


Confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your puppy. 


Your household will be properly set up to manage your new puppy inside and out. 


Know that your puppy will be set up for long term success. 

book your Puppy Primer Now $149

what is included?

1) One on One Private In person Consults

ONE sixty-minute consult will be in your home and personalized to you and your puppy. 


3) Over 10 Puppy Training Goals

These concepts are exactly what I teach my puppies so that they will grow up to be well-adjusted, happy family companions.

4) Target Concepts

Your puppy will learn all about House Training, Schedule, and Containment

5) Lifetime Access to PDF Files

Step by step plans that will make the games super easy to follow.


7) Carina's Ongoing Support

You will have four weeks of my ongoing support to answer any questions and cheer you on.



Puppy biting plan

Ouch! Those puppy teeth can really hurt, can’t they? My philosophy on puppy nipping and biting will help you feel more confident that you are on the right path. 


Calm protocols

My tried and true calm protocols will set your puppy up for success to grow up and become the well mannered dog who knows how to relax with you. 


SHARING strategies

Prevent resource guarding for everyone’s safety. Possessiveness may be normal in dogs, but it is safer if you can take your dog’s Kong or food bowl when you need to.

book your Puppy Primer Now $149

My Approach

“I help families with new puppies maintain (or regain) peace in their homes by: 

  1. Helping you set up your home to make it easier to manage your pup, 
  2. Showing you how to care for your puppy’s health and behavioural needs, 
  3. And getting your whole family engaged in basic manners training for your pup… 

So that you can feel immediate relief from frustrations and have confidence that your pup will grow up into a well-mannered family dog.

Your success is my success!”

Click HERE for Carina’s resume. 

perfect puppy Program

Tyranny to Tranquility in four weeks!

book your Puppy Primer Now $149


   Prerequisites HERE

   Required Equipment HERE

→  Open to Greater Toronto Area residences only

→  ONE Ninety-minute Private 1 on 1 Consult to Target Behaviours

→  For Dogs Under Four Months

→  BONUS Material

→  Weekly Check-Ins


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