Psychiatric Service Dog

Smart, Effective Pathways

For Dogs that will Work in Public and Perform Tasks for Their Handler

Ready to gain confidence and create a dream service dog to help mitigate your psychiatric disability?

What if your dog provided deep-pressure therapy to help you cope during emotional overload?

What if your dog retrieved your phone or medication during a medical crisis?

What if your dog reminded you to keep your appointments and stay on schedule?

If I could give Carina more stars, I would. I am middle-aged with some physical and visual disabilities as well as chronic illness, and asked Carina to assist me in finding ways to train my loving, but excitable shepherd/husky rescue that would allow us to enjoy time together, but keep us both safe – and she did!
She continually took a thoughtful approach to adapting her methodology, to ensure that whatever we were doing was going to meet my needs, she responded positively to my feedback, and was tremendously supportive and encouraging throughout our entire training. She’s fun to be around, my dog adores her, and we both feel more confident in ourselves, and each other. Thank you so much, Carina!

Melanie Morris

Had a really experience with Carina at Imagine. From the first conversation, she gave valuable information, and really understood the breed (Whippet). Our training schedule was interrupted by an unfortunate event (my dog broke his leg) and she was so flexible and understanding. Our training revolved around reactivity but it was so much more than that – building confidence, learning play, strengthening the human/dog bond – he is 100% a more happy dog! Carina trained ME as much as she trained the pup. Thank you!! 10/10 recommend

Nikolina Milj

Carina is an experienced and energetic dog trainer, and worked very well with us, and most importantly, with our dog. He was genuinely excited to work on new skills with Carina. Carina’s approach starts with building a foundation for living with your dog that works for you and your pet – eg, setting up your dog’s space, having the right equipment, etc. She then teaches various behaviours and commands, which are useful in themselves, and also for the positive-reinforcement based method that can be applied to other areas of living positively with your dog.

Philip Doyle

With this program, you'll:


Confidently walk your dog through a shopping mall with a pep in your step.


Relax, knowing your dog will listen and won’t embarrass you.


Go outside with your dog with the skills and tools to handle any situation.


Be proud of your dog around family and friends.


Eat in a restaurant knowing your dog will be predictable and easy to handle.


Be at ease, knowing your dog will support you if needed.


Be guided through the training experience by an educated and empathetic professional that holds your success and long-term results as a top priority.

what is included?

1) One on One Private In person Consults

One-on-one private consultations in your home or neighbourhood will be personalized to you and your dog. 


2) Over 85 Teaching Activities

These 5-minute games will teach your dog to be a world-class service dog in the home and beyond. 

3) Fifteen Target Behaviours

The program includes these monthly topics: Calmness, Confidence, Play, Focus, Come, Stationing, Sit, Walking, Down, Retrieve, Stand, Wait, Deep Pressure Therapy, Alerts, and Blocking.

4) Lifetime Access to PDF Files

Step-by-step plans that will make the games super easy to follow.


5) Video Demonstrations

Online resource portal containing self-serve how-to videos to help bring the games to life.

6) group support

Zoom Q & A’s to connect with the program’s Service Dog teams.

7) Certifcation

Fully capable and confident to pass the Public Access Test.

8) Carina's Ongoing Support

You will have my ongoing support to answer any questions and cheer you on.



Exercise Resources

Curated list of fun exercise activities and park opportunities to explore with your dog to help tire them out physically – when your dog’s needs are met, you may find a happier dog to live with!


Enrichment material checklist

Essential checklist for a variety of food dispensing activities that will satiate your dog in a safe manner and may also save your furniture and shoes!


socialization process

Learn how to evaluate your dog’s environment through my ‘Four Ds’ to keep them on the best track to success.


guide to greetings

Learn how to teach your young dog to be polite when meeting others. It is best to begin this early to prevent them from being an over-greeter! 


PUblic etiquette outline

Navigate the unique situations service dogs present when out in public.


tugging foundations

Learn how to tug and ‘drop’ with your dog to help facilitate learning, build motivation and have fun daily with your dog.


1:3 Off-leash guidelines

Secret method that will help your dog be amazing off leash so that your walks will be carefree. 


Asks and Tells Evaluation

A series of simple questions and what to do to help them to keep progressing with their skills in public.

Memberships Levels to suit your needs

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My Approach

“I help professionals with dogs that are out of control and reactive achieve a beautiful and peaceful partnership by: 

  1. Immediately identifying and eliminating outburst scenarios.
  2. Customizing proven training techniques for your situation. 
  3. Incorporating behaviour training into your everyday lifestyle for quick and effective results…

So that you can enjoy life together again and feel proud of your dog’s behaviour.

Your success is my success.” 

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Service Dog program

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   Prerequisites HERE

→  Open to Greater Toronto Area residences only

Private one-on-one Consult to Target Behaviours

→  Weekly Video Tutorials

→  PDF Lesson Plans

→  Private Video Review & Feedback

→  Ability to Post Questions

→Group Check-in Q & A

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